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Welcome to my resume page!

My name is Chiara, I am an Italian freelance translator with extensive experience in a broad range of different fields. I work remotely for individual clients and agencies across Europe and overseas, providing them language support for translation and localization purposes.

I have an extensive background in foreign trade and international relations, backed by a couple of international work experiences anywhere from China (brand ambassador for an iconic Italian sparkling wine company) to Canada (wine tasting assistant for a Canadian importer of wine & spirits).

In my 5 years as export assistant in a structured company with worldwide presence, I was confronted with a broad range of administrative tasks and I learned how to handle a large number of complex issues and situations, often unsupervised. My duties typically included drafting of letters, notes and reports, handling the day-to-day flow of e-mails and phone inquiries in English, French and German; managing purchase orders, shipping and returns; planning and attending trade shows and business meetings, managing the CEO’s agenda. Working in such a fast-paced environment where responsiveness and commitment to clients played a major part in driving good sales, I learned the art of diplomacy, multitasking and prioritization.

As one can see from both my educational and professional background, the love for foreign languages has accompanied every step of my life since an early age, and I keep nurturing this passion through constant training and dedication. In addition to my native language, Italian, I am fluent in French and English, I have a sound working knowledge of German and I can also speak a little Chinese, a fading legacy from my experiences in China that I’m struggling to keep!

I started my activity as a freelance translator in 2008 and back then I could only count on occasional collaborations earned through referrals and recommendations from friends. Little by little I began to grow a circle of acquaintances, selling my services through word of mouth, volunteer collaborations and intense networking, and winning more and more projects on a regular basis. That’s how I eventually managed to carve out my own little space in this highly competitive and over saturated market, and today I’m the proud supplier of a small but loyal customer base from all over the globe.

If you need interpreting, localization or translation services in any of the language combinations below, you’re welcome to get in touch through the following e-mail:


Services I offer:

  • translation/proofreading English-Italian, French-Italian, German-Italian (legal, pharmaceutical, travel and hospitality, mechanical, marketing and SEO).
  • website localization
  • audiovisual translations (synchronized dialogue adaptation from movies, tv shows, series and documentaries)
  • subtitling
  • interpreting for meetings, conferences, trade shows


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